What exactly is FMC?


FMC is short-formed for Find My Cassette, and it represents our commitment to be part of worldwide cassette collectors’ growing collection. The journey of searching is a painstaking experience, but represents a fulfilling part of bridging that “very cassette album” eventual find. At some point (till now), you may be wondering why would any collector in this day and age of “Discogs-era” want to be subjected to another online-platform – when a DIY Google of a search will yield the endless possibilities of procuring your specific WTB tape? Now, if our logical progressions are in sync’ed, why subject your readers to more digitales?

As my experiences with collectors’ had grown exponentially, and my willingness to FMC for them has resulted in a series of successions – this motivation to kickstart FMC is undoubtedly here to stay. Our concept of FMC – Find My Cassette service is limited to specific releases based on geographical locations. To this date, we are focused on searching and offering: New Old Stock & Mint Cassette Albums (Indonesia Official Releases). As of November 2017, our acquisitions have expanded around the South-East Asia regions with assorted Japanese releases in compact cassettes (CC), compact discs (CD), 7″ & 12″ vinyl records (LP) – official and promotional white labels.

100% New Old Stock Cassette Tapes Specialist started as our tagline at ottologue @ Discogs, and we aspire to maintain this position for a long time to come. So if you are looking for a particular title of Indonesia, Japan or Asia release in the cassette tape format, and wish for our complimentary service – take 2 minutes over @ FMC – https://www.ottologue.com/find-my-cassette/.


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